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CoolCart.Net works by reading embedded HTML tags in your own web pages. The hidden values are used to identify the products and are passed to the shopping cart service. You can add items, change prices, etc. with any ascii text editor (ex. Notepad) or any html editor just by editing your own web pages.

Just copy-and-paste this code into your web page and it will work. Note - when modifying the hidden tags, only edit the VALUE fields for your products.

Tip - See the CoolCart.Net Tag Reference page for a complete reference of the hidden tags that the CoolCart service uses.

<FORM method=post action="">
Product A<BR>
Price $50.00<BR>
<INPUT NAME="Qty" size=3 VALUE=""> Quantity <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Describe" VALUE="100% Cotton">
<INPUT name=Color type=radio VALUE="Color: Blue">Blue
<INPUT name=Color type=radio VALUE="Color: Green">Green
<INPUT name=Color type=radio VALUE="Color: Gold^5.00">Gold - Add $5.00 <BR>
<INPUT name='NAddOn1' type=checkbox VALUE="Leather Case^10.00"> With Leather Case - Add $10.00 <BR>
<OPTION selected value="Model: A">Model: A
<OPTION value="Model: B^2.00">Model: B - Add $2.00
<OPTION value="Model: C^3.00">Model: C - Add $3.00
<OPTION selected value="Size: Medium">Size: Medium
<OPTION value="Size: Large">Size: Large
<OPTION value="Size: X Large^5.00">X Large - Add $5.00
<BR><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Add to Cart">

When someone clicks the "Add to Cart" button it will link to the CoolCart Shopping Cart Server and calculate the items until they check out. This is the simplest way of getting your shopping cart to work from your page. You may cut-and-paste the following HTML code and insert it anywhere in your web page. Then just plug in your actual product info.

Click here to see this demo in action (note - opens a new window).

Notice that you can select and deselect the Leather Case without adding another entry in the cart. This is because it uses NAddOn1 for "No Multi AddOn". AddOn1, AddOn2, AddOn3, AddOn4 work the same way Color and Size. If multi=Y then it will keep adding items of different combinations. Multi=N will always overwrite the item in the cart no matter which options they choose. See the CoolCart.Net Tag Reference page for a complete reference of the hidden tags that the CoolCart service uses.

Tip - Each product must be encapsulated within <FORM> and </FORM> tags.
Also, each product MUST have a different "ID".