Demo: Click on an image or icon to Add items to your cart
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To use an Icon or Image to click an item into the shopping basket, simply replace:
<input type="submit" value="Add to Cart">

<input type=image src=image.gif border=0>
or with:
<input name="Add to Cart" type=image src=image.gif width=90 height=77 border=0>

Be sure to rename image.gif with your own icon file name and use the correct width and height. Note: name="Can be anything"

1) CrossLock Double Blade
Model 18ODB (Cat. #2449)
Price $50.00

3) CrossLock 3-Function Hunter
Model 180D3, Cat. #2447
Price $57.50

Here you can use a small icon along with pictures to add items to a cart using:
<input type=image src=smallcool8.gif border=0>
Cut-and-Paste Code

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