Demo: Input Field Example
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To turn a hidden field to a text input field, just change the word "hidden" to "text" and give the field a size length like size=20.
<input type="hidden" name="Describe" value="">
<input type="text" name="Describe" size=20 value="">

Text input fields works with:
name="Qty", name="Describe", name="Color", name="Size", name="AddOn1", name="AddOn2", name="AddOn3", name="AddOn4", name="AddOn5", name="AddOn6", name="AddOn7", name="AddOn8", name="AddOn9", name="AddOn10", name="AddOn11", name="AddOn12", name="AddOn13", name="AddOn14", name="AddOn15", name="NAddOn1", name="NAddOn2", name="NAddOn3", name="NAddOn4", name="ID", name="Weight", name="Ship".

You can also make the input fields required by entering the tilde character ~ in front of the variable. (example: "~Describe")

<input type="text" name="~Describe" size=20 value="">

My Input Field
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